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Welcome to the TIEMS International Certifications - TQC & TQAC.

Please familiarize yourself with the process and requirements of the TQC & TQAC Certification by reading the following documents and check off that you have read and understood them, and that you think you meet the requirement criteria for TQC & TQAC Certification and will respect the TQC & TQAC Code of Conduct.

Once you are comfortable that you meet the required criteria, simply fill out below to alert us of your interest in pursuing certification or re-certification.

Please be aware that ALL fields except "State" are required in SECTION 1 of the form. Failure to provide a complete application may result in a summary rejection of your application.

TQC & TQAC Application
Upgrade from TQAC to TQC
TQC Re-Certification
I have read and understood the Introduction
I have read and understood the Code of Conduct
If NO, please, pay your TIEMS membership by using the following link: Become a Member
Then go back and fill in your membership code and the expiring date, and continue filling out the TQC Application Form.

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